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Family Disputes

Sometimes the techniques used in mediating civil & commercial disputes can be helpful in resolving cases traditionally mediated using a different “family mediation” model:  

Elder Mediation and other family issues

When people think of family disputes, they often think of divorce, but as we all know family disputes can arise in many other contexts. Elder Mediation, for example, deals with inter-generational issues arising within families.   Mediation can help families to resolve questions such as the future care of older family members, responsibilities of the children, inheritance and inter-sibling disagreements.    

Disputes within Families

Family Business Mediation

Family disputes often arise in relation to the family farm or business, particularly when the time comes to pass the business on to the next generation.     “Succession planning” considerations are usually mainly financial.   The finances are important, of course, but thought also needs to be given to the personalities - and personal conflicts - involved.    It is very sad to see families breaking apart through miscommunication and misunderstanding and a few hours talking things through with a mediator can make a big difference to future happiness and prosperity.